Africa's Tallest Christmas Tree

GST Unveils Africa's Tallest Christmas Tree - The GST Beacon of Hope!

On Friday December 8, 2023, a dazzling spectacle illuminated the night sky as the GST Beacon of Hope, South Africa and Africa’s tallest Christmas Tree, was unveiled at the GST Head Office is Hartbeespoort, South Africa. What began as a bold project to construct the largest Christmas tree in South Africa transcended all expectations, emerging as an awe-inspiring symbol of hope not just for the community but for the entire country and continent.

Standing tall at a staggering height of over 38 meters (125 feet), from the base up to the majestic 3-meter-high Bethlehem star atop, this monumental tree overshadows all previous festive centerpieces. What's more astonishing is the meticulous decoration, boasts over 5000m of lights, enough to light up and entire Parkrun route with some to spare.

The brainchild of GST, renowned for their cutting-edge drills, drill rigs and loaders serving the mining industry, the Beacon of Hope isn't just a testament to engineering prowess but a beacon of resilience and optimism for beloved Africa. 

This awe-inspiring creation marks a new chapter, symbolizing the potential and unity of South Africa and the African continent. As the glowing tree casts its radiant light, it serves as a reminder, illuminating hope in the hearts of our people. This monumental achievement stands not just as a celebration of the festive season but as a testament to the spirit that unites us all.

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See you again in December!

It's lights out at the GST Beacon of Hope! But don't worry we will bring the magic back in December 2024!

 Thank you to everyone whom came out to see The GST Beacon of Hope! We truly hope it inspired you and brought some Christmas magic to your lives! 

Fast Facts
Meters from the base to the top of the Bethlehem Star.
Meters of Lights on the Tree. Enough to light up an entire parkrun with some to spare.
Where is the Tree?
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